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We are soooooo excit­ed, a dream comes true: Dana Trix­ie Fly­nn is com­ing to town! We ve met Dana on sev­er­al occa­sions and not only is she a great teacher from whom we took a lot, she s also an incred­i­ble human being guar­an­teed to make to smile — we ve tried for years to have her come to Vien­na and we final­ly made it. If you can, make sure to join this week­end full of great teach­ings, fun, smiles and sweat! When in New York, New Orleans or San Fran­cis­co make sure to vis­it Laugh­ing Lotus.

Fri­day April 17th to 19th 2020, Vien­na, Aus­tria

Fri­day April 17th, 5 pm : Soul Sweat
FREE your body and unleash your spir­it at the deep end of the dance floor. BIG BEATS+ BIG SWEAT!

Sat­ur­day April 18th, 10 am : Mag­ic Takes Guts
It takes guts to live with fear­less pas­sion and to let go of try­ing to be nor­mal. Cel­e­brate being your wild won­der­ful self with deep flu­id asana, body mudras, trick­ster arm bal­ances and sig­na­ture pos­es.

Sat­ur­day April 18th, 2.30 pm : Change Your Kar­ma
We come into this world with our own Kar­ma and we can change it by chang­ing our actions and our habits. We have cer­tain impres­sions or ten­den­cies called Sam­skaras that are expres­sions of our past Kar­ma and they also deter­mine the way we will act in the future. Let’s plant the seed of our dreams now, trans­form­ing neg­a­tive habits into pos­i­tive ones. This dynam­ic flow is all about danc­ing with our Des­tiny, one pow­er­ful breath at a time.

Sun­day April 19th, 10 am : Ain‘t No Moun­tain High Enough
Bring it ON, the chal­lenges, the ups and downs and all the bumps in the road. It’s all fuel to move any­thing that’s in our way, includ­ing our­selves . We will go deep into twists and hips with bold asana, flu­id move­ment and dar­ing arm bal­ances that require you and your Spir­it to nev­er ever give up. Moun­tains will be moved, prayers will be inspired and class will cul­mi­nate in med­i­ta­tion.

Sun­day April 19th, 2.30 pm : Awak­en the Spine
Our ener­getic spine is jam packed with wheels of ener­gy or Chakras. Chakras awak­en our incred­i­ble poten­tial and cre­ative pow­er; this is how we man­i­fest our dreams and hid­den gifts. In this prac­tice, we will acti­vate Kun­dali­ni ener­gy from the base of the spine through flu­id asana, breath­ing prac­tices, mudras and med­i­ta­tion . As we move the flow of prana upward, we expe­ri­ence a deep­er con­nec­tion to our­selves, each oth­er and our sacred pur­pose.

About Dana:

Dana Trix­ie Fly­nn is a ‘teacher’s teacher,’ cel­e­brat­ed for her raw and gen­er­ous spir­it and her uplift­ing inno­v­a­tive, and soul­ful Lotus Flow *TM style of Yoga. Dana’s favorite thing about Yoga is all the Yogis. She loves rebels, music, arugu­la, danc­ing with total aban­don, poets, tulips, her toes for­ev­er in the ocean, bik­ing and of course Glit­ter. She has had the out­ra­geous priv­i­lege of being the cos­mic moth­er and cre­atrix of Laugh­ing Lotus for over 20 incred­i­ble years. Dana also opened The Church of Yoga, LL’s first gen­eros­i­ty based yoga cen­ter in New Orleans and is now Co-Founder of LL Stu­dio by Laugh­ing Lotus.

Her devo­tion to activism and cre­at­ing change has led her to part­ner with incred­i­ble orga­ni­za­tions like Africa Yoga Project, Project Peace­ful War­rior, Lin­eage Project and inspired her open a pay it for­ward dona­tion based Cen­ter in the heart of New Orleans.

Dana’s raw and gen­er­ous spir­it has inspired teach­ers and stu­dents around the globe to spread a mes­sage of love, devo­tion, ser­vice and com­mu­ni­ty.
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