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Corona / Covid-19 Updates

UPDATE 13.9.2020

  • we have reduced the num­ber of par­tic­i­pants per class to guar­an­tee enough space for each stu­dent
  • please cov­er your mouth and nose / wear a mask in the stu­dio. You can take your masks off while prac­tic­ing and of course in the show­er.
  • please bring your own yoga mat, you can also leave your mat in the stu­dio
  • please avoid phys­i­cal con­tact with students/teachers and always keep a dis­tance of at least 1 m
  • please use the dis­in­fec­tant pro­vid­ed in the stu­dios
  • please be true to your­self: if you do not feel well, might be con­ta­gious or might have been in touch with the Covid-Virus, please stay at home and refrain from com­ing to the stu­dio

and there s good new also:)

  • we have added many more class­es in the stu­dios so you ll have more options to prac­tice
  • we have reduced the max­i­mum num­ber of par­tic­i­pants in the class­es in the stu­dio so you ll have more space for your prac­tice
  • we will fur­ther increase our offer of online class­es, you ll find it in our sched­ule


UPDATE 16.8.2020

  • please be true to your­self: if you do not feel well, might be con­ta­gious or might have been in touch with the Covid-Virus, please stay at home and refrain from com­ing to the stu­dio
  • while it s not oblig­a­tory to wear masks in the stu­dio, we respect phys­i­cal dis­tance when­ev­er pos­si­ble
  • please wash your hands before and after prac­tice and feel free to use the dis­in­fec­tant pro­vid­ed
  • we have reduced the max­i­mum num­ber of par­tic­i­pants per class, please use the online reg­is­tra­tion here: www.feelgoodstudio.at/schedule
  • while we have reduced the max­i­mum num­ber of par­tic­i­pants we have also added more class­es 
  • please bring your own mat if pos­si­ble, you can also leave it at the stu­dios
  • we will con­tin­ue to offer online class­es in addi­tion to our “offline” class­es in the stu­dios and we will grow this offer­ing. you will always find the cur­rent offer here: www.feelgoodstudio.at/schedule


UPDATE 24.5.2020


From 29.5.2020 onwards we ll be offer­ing class­es back at the studios(s), can‘t wait to see you back on the mat! 

Some more details / answers to f.a.q.:

  • yes, for the time being we will offer online class­es in addi­tion to our “offline” class­es in the stu­dios. as of now, it s not clear how our online offer will grow/develop, but you will always find the cur­rent offer here: www.feelgoodstudio.at/schedule
  • as promised we have paused/extended pass­es (e.g. 30 day pass­es) so that you have not “lost” any days dur­ing the clo­sure. As an addi­tion­al present we have added 4 more extra days to your pass!
  • our sched­ule is already up and it s grow­ing every day, please check back reg­u­lar­ly.
  • of course we will respect any covid19-relat­ed rules and you will find them in the stu­dio and on var­i­ous communications/social media etc. — again please check back reg­u­lar­ly as also those rules keep chang­ing
  • as capac­i­ties of class­es will be fur­ther lim­it­ed due to covid19, please sign up as ear­ly as pos­si­ble and help us avoid no-shows in order to offer as many spots as pos­si­ble.
  • if you can, please bring your own yoga mat
  • please refrain from the use of props as far as you can
  • as of now, we wont give any phys­i­cal direc­tions and wont be able to offer acro yoga class­es
  • since also our cost will be much high­er from June onwards we will adjust the prices for online class­es + you will also be able to use the online class­es with select­ed offline prod­uct
  • some class­es might be “hybrid” class­es, i.e. the class in the stu­dio will be streamed. of course we will make sure to only show the teacher (and not the stu­dents)

Any ques­tions? please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us.

we are sooooooo much look­ing for­ward to being togeth­er again at the stu­dios, please help us spread the good news!

UPDATE 29.3.2020

How to find the link to the class?

Once you have reg­is­tered via the ever­sports app or via www.feelgoodstudio.at/schedule there are two ways to get the link to your streamed live class:

  1. if you use the ever­sports app (which we high­ly rec­om­mend) you will find the link to the stream in the class 15 min­utes before the begin­ning of your class — here s a screen­shot, the link will be shown in the pic­ture at the top of the app (“Online Stream”)   
  2. you will receive and email a few min­utes pri­or to begin­ning of the class. please make sure to also check your SPAM fold­er as some­times emails end up there


UPDATE 26.3.2020

  • our online sched­ule is grow­ing and we are explor­ing this new world learn­ing day by day. online class­es are short­er than “live” class­es in the stu­dios and of course the sched­ule is some­what dif­fer­ent than you may be used to in the stu­dio. please find our updat­ed sched­ule here: www.feelgoodstudio.at/schedule


  • please note: our class­es are not filmed in the stu­dio as our stu­dios are closed by law. we are stream­ing from home and try our best to pro­vide you the best expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble. hav­ing said that please be aware that even the best online-live-class can nev­er be as “real” as a class in the stu­dio in terms of atten­tion giv­en by the teach­ers, indi­vid­ual corrections/adjustments, adapt­ing the class to the needs of those present etc. — due to all these rea­sons and also because the class­es are short­er than in the stu­dios, we have intro­duced spe­cial online prod­ucts at reduced rates


  • we will extend/pause all 30/60/90etc. day pass­es as well as the mem­ber­ships until the end of April so that you wont lose any days on your pass. if you have any ques­tion please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us via info@feelgoodstudio.at. you can join our online class­es with online-prod­ucts at reduced rates, if you still want to use your 30/60/90etc. day pass/membership, please drop us an email and we will make the nec­es­sary cor­rec­tions in ever­sports


  • one more note on the process for the online class­es: sim­ply sign up for the class via ever­sports and you will receive the link to the stream short­ly before begin­ning of the class. you will also find the link to the class in the ever­sports app. for stream­ing we re cur­rent­ly using zoom, a free online tool


  • please help us spread the good news that we re offer­ing free online live-class­es to all doc­tors, nurs­es, hos­pi­tal employ­ees and para­medics (see below)


UPDATE 19.3.2020

We want to say thank you to all the awe­some peo­ple who are work­ing in those chal­leng­ing times to take care & treat of all of us and main­tain our health care sys­tem.

That is why we are offer­ing free online live-class­es to all doc­tors, nurs­es, hos­pi­tal employ­ees and para­medics.

We don’t only want to say thank you by doing so, but we also want to pro­vide the oppor­tu­ni­ty for those who are cur­rent­ly work­ing under a lot of pro­fes­sion­al stress to find some peace and bal­ance in times like these.

There­fore we ask you to for­ward this post to any­one you know who is work­ing in a hospital/ in the health­care sec­tor that could ben­e­fit from free yoga class­es.

How does it work?

Please send your „Dienstausweis“/ ser­vice card to info@feelgoodstudio.at and we will cre­ate an account for you. You will receive a link to Ever­sports to your email account (the one you sent the E‑mail from). Obvi­ous­ly it is fine if you wish to cov­er up/anonymize your ser­vice card, so that we can only see your name.

Dis­claimer: Some of our class­es my be a lit­tle per­fect­ly imper­fect, as this sit­u­a­tion (Online-class­es) are still new to us. As a result, if some­thing in our streams is not work­ing prop­er­ly, take a cou­ple of deep breath & use the time to just be with your­self until the stream reap­pears on your screen 

As usu­al you’ll find our online sched­ule online on our web­site — it is grow­ing dai­ly.

We’re look­ing for­ward to (online)-practice with you,

Your Feel­go­od­stu­dio

PS: We are aware of the fact, that there are a lot of oth­er occu­pa­tion­al groups, that are under a lot of ten­sion and pres­sure right now, even so as a first step we will offer the class­es to hos­pi­tal staff.


UPDATE 15.3.2020

we just extended/paused all class pass­es & mem­ber­ships until April 1st and will extend/pause fur­ther if we will still be closed by then.

please send any fur­ther ques­tions in that regard to info@feelgoodstudio.at


UPDATE 14.3.2020

Dear Feel­go­od­fam­i­ly,

here you will find all rel­e­vant updates with regard to Coro­n­a/­Covid-19 and our beloved feel­go­od­stu­dios

  • both stu­dios will be closed tem­porar­i­ly from 16.3. onwards — as of now we expect the clo­sure to last at least until 31.3.2020, pos­si­bly longer
  • all mem­ber­ships and 30 day etc. pass­es will be extended/paused until 31.3. — if the stu­dios won‘t re-open on April 1st, the pass­es will be extended/paused fur­ther. please give us some­time to update this in ever­sports as we ll need to do each change man­u­al­ly.
  • we are work­ing on online class­es so that you can con­tin­ue prac­tic­ing at home since a sol­id immune sys­tem will be of utmost impor­tance these days
  • please get your pri­vate mats by Sun­day evening the lat­est, if you can­not make it by then please drop us an email info@feelgoodstudio.at
  • please note: a good immune sys­tem as well as pos­i­tive mind­set is even more cru­cial these day. Also please think of ways to help oth­ers who are less fortunate/healthy.
  • please also sign up here for our newslet­ter to stay up to day

please check back here for reg­u­lar updates, we will also post (short­er) updates on our social media accounts

big (vir­tu­al) hug

Julie, Knut & the Feel­go­od-Team


UPDATE 13.3.2020

Dear Feel­go­od­fam­i­ly,

these are times teach­ing us to back off, accept and tie togeth­er for the ben­e­fit of every­one!

We‘ ll close the stu­dios tem­porar­i­ly from Mon­day onwards (class­es on the week­end have been reduced).
We expect this clo­sure to last at least until begin­ning of April, pos­si­bly longer.

Please if you need to get your mat do so until Sun­day evening and focus on your home prac­tice.

Do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us, we‘ll take care of the mem­ber­ship exten­sions, as soon as we know how long we are clos­ing!

See you soon, stay healthy and pos­i­tive!

Julie & Knut