Feelgood Membership Benefits

Here are the benefits of your Feelgoodstudio-Membership

đŸ’« pause/freeze mem­ber­ship when on vacation/sick etc.: we nev­er liked that a gym-mem­ber­ship goes on and on even though you‘re on vac­tion etc. — so we decid­ed to be dif­fer­ent. we pause/freeze your mem­ber­ship if you can‘t prac­tice (e.g.  in case of sick­ness or if you re on vaca­tion). Please note: min­i­mum freeze is 1 week. want to pause/freeze? Drop us an email and we‘ll sort you out.

đŸ’« bring one friend for free per month. sim­ply send us the name by email (please use the email your account is on)

đŸ’« enjoy a 10% dis­count on work­shops. want to get your 10%? sim­ply send us an email and tell us which work­shop you want to book.

đŸ’« pri­or­i­ty on the wait list for classes

đŸ’« free mat stor­age in our three stu­dios: we‘re hap­py to store your mat for you! Sim­ply put a name tag onto your mat and leave it at the des­ig­nat­ed mat stor­age area in the studio.

These ben­e­fits apply to all our mem­ber­ship (Unlim­it­ed Mem­ber­ship, Unlim­it­ed Christ­mas Mem­ber­ship, Online Unlim­it­ed Mem­ber­ship, Lim­it­ed Mem­ber­ship etc). all mem­ber­ships can be bought here.