Bikram Beats

BIKRAM BEATS is our usu­al Hot90 sequence (26 pos­tures and 2 breath­ing exer­cis­es in a hot room), except with the usu­al dia­logue replaced by a wall of uplift­ing sound and rock­ing beats. It’s a yoga dis­co and house par­ty, where an eclec­tic com­bi­na­tion of elec­tro, lounge and house beats, inter­spersed with some clas­sic “blasts from the past”, com­bine with the heat to pro­vide an addi­tion­al dimen­sion and focus to your prac­tice. Our instruc­tor, EVA MANGOLD, will per­form and cue you in and out of the pos­tures, although due to an absence of detailed instruc­tion, this class is only rec­om­mend­ed for those already famil­iar with the Hot90 sequence.

SAMSARA SOUNDS (aka samuelmher­itage) is a sea­soned yogi and ama­teur DJ, who for our Bikram Beats class com­bines his usu­al pro­gres­sive mix of house, elec­tro and tech­no beats, inter­spersed with some clas­sic tunes from his reper­toire, span­ning gen­res from the post-punk, grunge, rave and psy­che­del­ic trance eras, along­side inter­na­tion­al and world music cross­ing a broad range of lan­guages, coun­tries and cultures.