Basic Yoga

These class­es are designed to pro­vide a gen­tle entry and a sol­id foun­da­tion to start with yoga. Yoga has many forms, names and facets, so these class­es may give you a lit­tle insight into what yoga can be for you. Besides the phys­i­cal exer­cis­es (asanas), breath­ing exer­cis­es (Pranaya­ma) as well as the­o­ry and his­to­ry are treat­ed behind this mil­len­ni­al sys­tem. There is no spe­cial pre­vi­ous knowl­edge nec­es­sary and it does not mat­ter how “fit” you are. Just come on the mat and try it out.

Yoga basic class­es also offer space for ques­tions and we would like to repeat pro­ce­dures or exer­cis­es so that the units some­times have a kind of work­shop char­ac­ter. In a world full of experts, we are all begin­ners, and with this “beginner‘s mind” the explo­ration of one’s body and mind is much more excit­ing and fruitful.


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