Hot Yoga & Bikram Yoga in Vienna


Hot Yoga is a spe­cial form of yoga that is prac­ticed in a heat­ed room. In the Hot 60 & 90 class­es it is about 38–42 degrees, and in the Hot Pilates & Yoga Flow class­es it is slight­ly less (about 25–28 degrees). The idea behind Hot Yoga is that the increased room tem­per­a­ture helps relax mus­cles and improve flex­i­bil­i­ty, while stim­u­lat­ing sweat­ing to elim­i­nate tox­ins from the body. Typ­i­cal­ly, hot yoga is per­formed in rooms heat­ed to tem­per­a­tures of about 35 to 40 degrees Cel­sius. Humid­i­ty is also increased.

One of the most pop­u­lar forms of hot yoga is “Bikram Yoga,” which con­sists of a set sequence of 26 hatha yoga pos­es per­formed in a spe­cif­ic order. The prac­tice of hot yoga pro­vides both phys­i­cal and men­tal ben­e­fits. The heat helps stretch mus­cles and pre­vent injury, while the sweat­ing helps detox­i­fy the body and improve cir­cu­la­tion. In addi­tion, hot yoga can be con­sid­ered an intense work­out that increas­es heart rate and burns calo­ries. We’ve sum­ma­rized the many ben­e­fits of prac­tic­ing in a hot room for you below.


If you want to prac­tice Hot Yoga with us for the first time, just come about 20 min­utes before the class starts, bring yoga clothes, yoga mat, 2 big tow­els and a water bot­tle (or bor­row from us at 3 €). Atten­tion: please do not eat at least 2 hours before the class!

Each of our yoga class­es is suit­able for every­one, because all our teach­ers are expe­ri­enced enough to offer options or alter­na­tives to cater to your uniqueness.

Ask our teach­ers: If you are new to the Feel­go­od­stu­dio we have spe­cial offers for you!


In the fall of 2020 we took over the for­mer Yoga Col­lege in Lugn­er City in 1150 Vien­na and since then we offer Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Hot Flow and Infer­no Hot Pilates class­es there. Details about the class­es offered can be found below. We are grate­ful that Kathi, the founder of Yoga Col­lege, con­tin­ues to teach at the studio.

Our space offers you:

  • bright, clean and modern
  • great heat­ing and ven­ti­la­tion sys­tem, which always ensures an opti­mal cli­mate in the classes
  • Spa­cious dress­ing rooms with hairdry­ers, free show­er gel, rub­ber rings and cot­ton pads as well as nice show­ers ensure that you will leave our stu­dio “snowed and clothed”.
  • A cozy lob­by invites you to chill with us after class and maybe drink a good tea or eat an apple
  • Pre­mi­um rental mats and tow­el ser­vice (for a fee)



Our stu­dio is locat­ed in a side build­ing of Lugn­er City and there are sev­er­al ways to get to our stu­dio. Here is the view from the out­side of the Neubaugür­tel. Just go through this door and up to the 5th floor (stairs or elevator).

You can reach us with the U6 and the bus 48 A (sta­tion Burggasse), from the sta­tion just cross the bridge or the cross­walk to the oth­er side of the Gür­tel and then through the door (see above) or after the bridge right into the staircase.

Of course you can also park your car in the under­ground park­ing garage and then fol­low the signs to our office. By the way, you can park in the park­ing garage for 2 hours for free, ide­al for a yoga class!


Of course you can also park your car in the under­ground park­ing garage and then fol­low the signs to our office. By the way, you can park in the park­ing garage for 2 hours for free, ide­al for a yoga class!

You can find the class sched­ule in our Hot Yoga Stu­dio in Vien­na (Neubaugür­tel 47, 5th floor, 1150 Vienna)below. You will also find a descrip­tion of our class­es below. In the sched­ule all warm and hot class­es are col­ored orange, all reg­u­lar class­es are col­ored blue. Under and at the bot­tom of the page you will also find a detailed descrip­tion of our classes.

In prin­ci­ple, each of our yoga class­es is suit­able for every­one, because all our teach­ers are expe­ri­enced enough to offer options or alter­na­tives to cater to your unique­ness. At the Feel­go­od­stu­dios you will find the fol­low­ing hot classes:

Hot 60 and Hot 90

Bikram Inspired Yoga in 60 or 90 min­utes. The class is prac­ticed at 38+ degrees and is suit­able for all yogi­nis, espe­cial­ly beginners.

Hot Flow Yoga

You can expect won­der­ful flow­ing or qui­eter sequences, to refresh, strength­en and expe­ri­ence your entire body. The tem­per­a­ture in the hot­room is 25 to max. 30 degrees. Suit­able for beginners.

Inferno Hot Pilates

Pilates in the hot­room at 35 degrees! A new and unique way of train­ing — very effec­tive and fun. Super playlists moti­vate you to peak form. Suit­able for beginners.

Hot Schedule today


For the Hot Yoga class­es the same prices apply as for all reg­u­lar class­es in the Feel­go­od stu­dios. You can find all tick­ets here, and of course they are all valid in the Hot Yoga Stu­dio in 1150.


Here we want to give you an overview of the many ben­e­fits of prac­tic­ing in a hot room.

Endurance, blood circulation, circulation, respiration 

The phys­i­cal exer­tion of hot yoga helps strength­en your heart and cir­cu­la­tion. Your res­pi­ra­to­ry sys­tem is trained and blood cir­cu­la­tion is stim­u­lat­ed. Deep breath­ing increas­es lung capac­i­ty and the effi­cien­cy of your res­pi­ra­to­ry sys­tem. At the same time, deep breath­ing has a relax­ing effect, and emo­tion­al pres­sure is relieved. The cir­cu­la­tion and the entire body mus­cu­la­ture are stim­u­lat­ed, so deep breath­ing serves to warm you up. “Prana” means life ener­gy, “Aya­ma” means to con­trol or expand.

Balance & equilibrium

The var­i­ous stand­ing exer­cis­es help to improve your bal­ance and sense of equi­lib­ri­um. Bal­ance pos­tures in yoga have pos­i­tive effects on your phys­i­cal and men­tal health. In terms of our body, they help us to get up and aligned prop­er­ly. They also strength­en and stretch our mus­cles and improve our bal­ance as we con­stant­ly work to find or main­tain our body’s cen­ter of grav­i­ty. The reg­u­lar yoga prac­tice of bal­ance pos­es can also improve the func­tion of the body’s bal­ance sen­sors. These are locat­ed in the inner ear and pro­vide the infor­ma­tion the body needs to main­tain balance.

Skin, detoxication and purification

Due to the strong sweat­ing dur­ing hot yoga, the pores of the skin are bet­ter sup­plied with blood and thus cleansed. Tox­ins and free rad­i­cals are trans­port­ed from inside the body to the out­side. Due to the cleans­ing effect and the stim­u­lat­ed cir­cu­la­tion, the appear­ance of the skin improves and one gets a healthy, fresh and seem­ing­ly younger com­plex­ion. Fur­ther detox­i­fi­ca­tion approach­es occur via con­trolled breath­ing and tar­get­ed mas­sage of the inter­nal organs. Com­pres­sion and decom­pres­sion of organs and glands helps with hor­mon­al and organ­ic imbalances.

It is very impor­tant that you replen­ish flu­ids and elec­trolytes that are sweat­ed out dur­ing exer­cise after class. Iso­ton­ic drinks and water, as well as a healthy diet, thus help to com­plete the gen­tle detox­i­fi­ca­tion of your body. Rest assured, how­ev­er, not every­thing you sweat out is “poi­son” in the sense of detoxification 🙂

Overweight & sleep quality

Hot yoga is also an intense work­out; dur­ing a 90-minute ses­sion, up to 1000 KCal can be burned, depend­ing on the indi­vid­ual inten­si­ty of the work­out and the body weight of the exer­cis­er. Mas­sag­ing the inter­nal organs and stim­u­lat­ing the diges­tive sys­tem and glands have oth­er pos­i­tive effects. Yoga is said to enable an improved con­nec­tion between body and mind through the intense engage­ment with one’s own body. In hot yoga, the mir­ror is not only the best teacher, because it is absolute­ly neu­tral and clear, but look­ing at and accept­ing one’s own reflec­tion also con­tributes to a healthy self-per­cep­tion, because you are unique and great!

It is strik­ing that yogi­nis and yogis seem to sleep bet­ter 🙂 Sleep qual­i­ty is influ­enced by sev­er­al fac­tors at once, includ­ing stress, hor­mon­al imbal­ances, and obe­si­ty. Although the exact mech­a­nisms are still poor­ly under­stood, both exer­cise and yoga pro­mote healthy sleep patterns.

Spine & back

Yoga is health main­te­nance! Through tar­get­ed exer­cis­es to strength­en the back and abdom­i­nal mus­cles, as well as inten­sive stretch­ing exer­cis­es that make the spine equal­ly flex­i­ble in all direc­tions, you pre­vent many dis­eases of civ­i­liza­tion. Only with a well strength­ened trunk mus­cu­la­ture and flex­i­bil­i­ty you can put a stop to impend­ing slipped discs, rheuma­tism and back pain. In addi­tion, by prac­tic­ing you improve your pos­ture and bal­ance, pos­ture deficits are con­scious­ly and more eas­i­ly corrected.

Self-esteem, mental resilience and general well-being 

Your sta­mi­na and ambi­tion will be put to the test in yoga. But you will expe­ri­ence a sense of well-being and hap­pi­ness after your first class. The cleansed body, the pride of accom­plish­ment, and over­com­ing your own weak­ness all con­tribute to a sig­nif­i­cant increase in your well-being and self-con­fi­dence. You lit­er­al­ly glow from with­in and seem to look years younger 🙂 Hot yoga also leads to a last­ing improve­ment in your own ener­gy lev­el, espe­cial­ly if you are prone to depres­sion and listlessness.

Musculature, joints, bones

In yoga, all the mus­cles of your body are used and strength­ened. How­ev­er, the qui­et slow exer­cis­es do not over­stress your joints, as is the case with increased exer­cise of many oth­er sports (jog­ging, cycling, etc.).

In a 5‑year study, bone min­er­al den­si­ty was assessed with DEXA (bone den­sit­o­m­e­try) in nine female Bikram yoga teach­ers (30–59 years old) with more than 3 years of reg­u­lar teach­ing and prac­tice of hot yoga. Those who were pre­menopausal at the 5‑year fol­low-up showed mean increased bone den­si­ty at the femoral neck, hip, and lum­bar spine. Those who were post­menopausal at the 5‑year fol­low-up showed a mean decrease in bone min­er­al den­si­ty at the femoral neck, total hip, and lum­bar spine. The improved total hip bone min­er­al den­si­ty in the pre­menopausal group was sig­nif­i­cant­ly greater than the decrease in bone min­er­al den­si­ty report­ed by the post­menopausal group.

Here you will find a selec­tion of rel­e­vant studies/publications, please always note the fur­ther references :


Here we have sum­ma­rized a few more fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions (F.A.Q.) and answers for you.