What is Yoga?

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“Yogaś cit­ta-vrt­ti-nirod­hah”
Yoga is that inner state in which the mind comes to rest -
Pata­jali Yoga Sutra, I.2

For one, yoga is a sport, for the oth­er yoga is med­i­ta­tion, for many peo­ple it is a way, a life phi­los­o­phy, which helps to get to know bet­ter, to rec­og­nize bound­aries and to intense­ly per­ceive one’s own body and mind.

From a thou­sand years of tra­di­tion, a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent approach­es, schools and yoga routes, which have been born in India from Yog — from acro­bat­ics to pow­er — have all been possible.

What you find is the only thing you can find yourself.
The pos­i­tive effect on your life!

The eight-fold path

Yoga is about sim­ple things that are some­times the hard­est, such as: move­ment, breath­ing, mind­ful­ness, ten­sion and relax­ation. Patan­jali describes the yoga path as ash­tan­ga, the eight-mem­bered path.

1.The behav­ior oppo­site to others
2.Behavior towards oneself
3.physical exercises
4.Pranayama — breath­ing exercises
5.Pratyahara — align your­self-in-the-inside and draw back the senses
6.Dharana — concentration
7.Dhyana — meditation
8.Samadhi — Unification

The tools

What we offer at the Feel­go­od­stu­dio is a tool that every­one can use in every­day life. For this we try to prac­tice asanas — body exer­cis­es — to let the breath flow calm­ly and soothe the mind. Some asanas are eas­i­er, some more com­pli­cat­ed. On some days it works well with the breath, on oth­er days less. It is also the bal­ance and men­tal rest. The more we prac­tice to become calmer, the eas­i­er it will be for us.

In terms of con­tent and styl­is­tic, we con­tin­ue to prac­tice yoga as we have learned from many teach­ers and through our own dai­ly prac­tice. We do not fol­low an alien con­cep­tu­al design but exclu­sive­ly our expe­ri­ences and believe that yoga is always yoga and there is only one yoga — one love!

“What counts is the moment and not the time. Our sens­es always live in the here and now. Let’s try it too! ”

We prac­tice and learn with and from each oth­er. Each teacher is a stu­dent, and every stu­dent is also the best teacher. It is won­der­ful to learn from each oth­er! Thanks to all our teachers!