An ode to your yogamatte

In the begin­ning, one of the most fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions was answered: No, you do not need a yoga­mat­te of your own, nei­ther to prac­tice in our stu­dio (we have enough lem­ma) or to prac­tice at home or elsewhere.

But: the more intense, enthu­si­as­tic and enjoy­able your prac­tice becomes, the more is rec­om­mend­ed a mat of your own. Not only does your own mat tes­ti­fy to your enthu­si­asm, but also in a pure­ly ratio­nal way: who is already writhing in the sweat of oth­ers? Of course, mats are cleaned and dis­in­fect­ed in the stu­dios, but still: your sweat is just your sweat!

Also the dai­ly ear­ly morn­ing yogaprax­is at home is much eas­i­er when the yoga­mat­te is already smil­ing at you from the cor­ner long­ing­ly. And that’s exact­ly where we want to take you: to your own prac­tice, to the point at which your yogaprax­is became a part of your every­day life and the time on your mat became an indis­pens­able part of your day. Whether or not you are still study­ing in the stu­dio is not real­ly impor­tant to us — if we have put you with our enthu­si­asm for yoga, we have prob­a­bly ful­filled our task 🙂

You can prac­tice with your mat everywhere …

We rec­om­mend you to add your own mat! And to answer the ques­tion “but which one?” Is briefly men­tioned here: there is a wide col­lec­tion of mats (man­u­fac­tur­ers) and then there is in my opin­ion jade yoga the best mats I know. In terms of the num­ber of min­utes I have spent on my jade mat and face the fact that she has been accom­pa­ny­ing me for years around the world, she has been worth every penny.

Final­ly, a note: even with the best and the best anti-slip mat you will slip if you, for exam­ple: in Adho Mukha Svanasana, not enough pres­sure on fin­gers (cup­ping), espe­cial­ly thumb and index finger.

Be a Yogi, be on time

Our units start on time, so please be on time in the stu­dio so you can still change etc. If you are with us for the first time, please come at least 10 min­utes before the start of the session.

The exercise room is a place of rest

Some of us start their prac­tice with some min­utes of silence, please respect this and avoid enter­tain­ments etc. in the exer­cise room. Your mobile phone is hap­py even if it (silent­ly!) In the cloak­room wait­ing for you and has not lost in the exer­cise room.

Joy instead of ambition and performance

Yoga knows no com­pet­ing ele­ment, it is all about you and your prac­tice. Even if our units can some­times be sweaty, it always remains your prac­tice and only you decide how far you are going.

Come to us to do some­thing good for you to grow in per­son instead of com­par­ing your­self with others.

Sauca means inner and outer cleanliness

One of the con­cepts under­ly­ing each yogaprax­is is Sauca and stands for inner and out­er clean­li­ness. If you are able to leave any wor­ries / stress­es / to do‘s etc., you will be able to enjoy your prac­tice more and who knows, maybe you can see it from a dif­fer­ent perspective …

The exer­cise room is a zone free of handy and shoes and we also ask you to pay atten­tion to clean cloth­ing and phys­i­cal hygiene (you can show­er before the unit). Leave large things (bags, back­packs) in the dress­ing room and try to leave as lit­tle space as pos­si­ble in the room. Out­er order frees your head and brings you to rest.

Full belly yogiert not happy

In order to get all the ben­e­fits out of your prac­tice, flex­i­bil­i­ty and mobil­i­ty are a hin­drance. There­fore, do not eat 2 hours before practicing.

What should I wear?

To prac­tice, you need clothes in which you feel com­fort­able and in which you can move well. In Feel­go­od­stu­dio, we attach great impor­tance to the fact that you can be com­plete­ly your­self — there is no room for externalities.

The Feel­go­od­stu­dio is a col­or­ful place where every­one can be dressed as he / she wants — be yourself!