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It’s getting cold out there – tips from Ayurveda & TCM

  Autumn from the per­spec­tive of TCM Autumn is the sea­son of the Met­al ele­ment.  The lungs, nose, colon and skin are all close­ly linked to the Met­al ele­ment. In Autumn, it’s impor­tant that we strength­en these organs and pro­tect our­selves against…

Winter dryness from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our hec­tic life, the exces­sive demands placed on us every day, the hours we spend in front of a com­put­er screen, air-con­di­tion­ing sys­tems and heaters all “dry us out”. In Chi­nese med­i­cine, this is referred to as a defi­cien­cy of blood and flu­ids with­in the body. The…

Feel good with saffron, nutmeg & rosemary

A whole array of spices and foods have anti-depres­sive effects and put us in a good mood even when the weath­er is cold and cloudy and the days are short and dark. The effects of saf­fron, vanil­la, nut­meg, cocoa, rose­mary and basil have been a part of…