.. is also called cup­ping. This is also a method which used to be very com­mon in Europe. For this pur­pose, var­i­ous cup­ping heads are used. Made of glass, met­al, bam­boo or even acrylic.

How does cup­ping work?

The cup­ping heads are heat­ed inside and then quick­ly placed on the painful places. The heat cre­ates a vac­u­um inside the cup, which sucks the cup on the skin. Like­wise, the vac­u­um can also be gen­er­at­ed with a pump. The result is an increased blood cir­cu­la­tion, acti­va­tion of the merid­i­ans, dis­so­lu­tion of con­ges­tion and thus a marked pain reduc­tion. After the treat­ment, the treat­ed region feels as pleas­ant­ly warm and bet­ter mobile. This often results in bruis­es and blis­ters, but dis­ap­pear after a few days.

Among oth­er things, in the case of gen­er­al ten­sions, back and shoul­der pain, rheuma­tism, migraine or ten­sion headache, dur­ing cool­ing, depres­sion, or tis­sue strengthening.