FEEL GOODSHINES — Vouchers for all your loved ones + for yourself

Our FEEL GOODSHINE vouch­ers are now con­ve­nient­ly online for download!

How does this work?

  1. Choose coupon.
  2. Amount on our account: Rakus GmbH,
    easy­bank, IBAN: AT26 1420 0200 1092 7588, BIC / SWIFT: EASYATW1
    or over
    Pay­pal account: knut.rakus@gmx.li (please pay by the sender!)
    Please note the name of the recip­i­ent and the name of the vouch­er on the transfer.
  3. After deposits of the trans­fer on our account, the vouch­er is acti­vat­ed imme­di­ate­ly online in the Feel­go­od­stu­dio sys­tem for the gift recip­i­ent and is avail­able. The term of all vouch­ers begins with the first unit in which the recip­i­ent participates.
  4. Choose coupon pdf, down­load, print, fill in +++ give away!
  5. The joy­ful eyes of the recip­i­ent see 🙂

If you pre­fer to give away an absolute amount as a vouch­er, click here.

To gift vouch­ers below please print here from the website.

30 days unlim­it­ed classic
€ 95,00

10er block classic
€ 140,00

pri­vate 60 min + 5 classes
€ 95,00

30 days unlimet­ed for new clients
€ 80,00

10er block for new clients
€ 108,00