One to one

Since its ori­gin thou­sands of years ago, yoga has tra­di­tion­al­ly been hand­ed over by the teacher to the stu­dent. The stu­dent stayed with the teacher for many years and thus prof­it­ed for a long time and direct­ly from his teacher’s experience.

Yoga lessons in the form of group lessons as we know it in the West today, there is only since the increas­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of yoga as more and more peo­ple want­ed to ben­e­fit from the knowl­edge of the few teach­ers. When the first Euro­peans and Amer­i­cans returned from India and brought to life the pro­fes­sion — some would say the voca­tion — of the yoga teacher in our lat­i­tudes, today’s for­mat of group hours was established.

Group lessons can nev­er replace indi­vid­ual lessons . In one-to-one lessons, one’s own yoga path can be more indi­vid­ual and more direct, and can be tar­get­ed at spe­cif­ic areas. In this way, yoga can be adapt­ed to the stu­dent and not vice ver­sa. Julie and Knut have been enjoy­ing sep­a­rate lessons from dif­fer­ent teach­ers for a long time.

Most of the teach­ers in Feel­go­od­stu­dio also give indi­vid­ual lessons, just ask! If you are the only stu­dent in a group hour and you do not want to do with­out your les­son, you have the pos­si­bil­i­ty to exchange two units of your 5er / 10er block for an hour of pri­vate lessons.