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Jonathan Rivas

I dis­cov­ered yoga in 2010 and after expe­ri­enc­ing a state of bliss­ful­ness it was clear that yoga will become and inte­gral part of his life.

I am a free spir­it who is pas­sion­ate about exper­i­ment­ing with all won­ders of life, and I hope to plant the seed of yoga for per­son­al growth and well being for all yoga stu­dents. The pur­pose of my class­es are sim­ple, to cre­ate a well bal­anced prac­tice that cre­ates a pos­i­tive and reju­ve­nat­ing ener­gy for all yoga stu­dents. I hope this will allow them to be in con­tact with their heart, the cen­ter of their intel­li­gence. By nur­tur­ing ones seed of yoga with self-love, self-respect and self-trust, I hopes to be able to pro­vide the cor­rect guid­ance for each indi­vid­u­als practice.

I have been teach­ing yoga for more than 5 years. I like to teach strong vinyasa and Ash­tan­ga class­es, as well as gen­tler and soft­er yin yoga and restora­tive classes.

Please find Jonathan’s class­es here