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From 14th Sep­tem­ber 2017 on, we are hap­py to wel­come Natt & Ben­ji with Acroyo­ga @Feelgood Stu­dio in 1040,  Vien­na. You can meet Ben­ji already on the 7th of Sep­tem­ber for all lev­el Yoga @ 7.15 p.m.


What is Acroyo­ga?

Acroyo­ga is the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of Yoga prac­tice, Acro­bat­ics and Mas­sage. Through the yoga prac­tise we become aware of our breath and we learn to focus on our body. The prac­tice helps us to con­nect to our­self as the Acro­bat­ic side devel­ops self-con­fi­dence and builds trust in oth­ers. It also enhances phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al strenght and bal­ance. Work­ing with oth­er peo­ple we get the chance to prac­tice patience, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, com­pas­sion and kind­ness.

What am I going to learn?

In this class­es we are going to show you the basic tech­niques and moves to devel­op a prop­er and safe prac­tise. This is suit­able for every­one who wants to prac­tice Acroyo­ga and also for those who already have a bit of expe­ri­ence and they want to rein­force what they know. We will focus on the prop­er align­ment, sta­bil­i­ty, strenght, and maybe most impor­tant, on hav­ing fun play­ing and work­ing with each oth­er. You don’t need to come with a part­ner, there is always peo­ple with whom you can prac­tise. 🙂



Feel­go­od­stu­dio, Paulan­er­gasse 13,or Waag­gasse 6, 1040, Vien­na


Bring some com­fort­able clothes, some­thing light and easy to eat on our break time and a big smile! 🙂

We are look­ing for­ward to see you there and fly togeth­er! 🙂

One Love
Om Shan­ti

Shi­va and Shak­ti