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Mysore-Style Ash­tan­ga Class­es prac­tice refer to the yoga sys­tem devel­oped and taught by Sri K. Pat­tab­hi Jois in Mysore, India for 70 years. The stu­dent slow­ly learns a pro­gres­sive sequence of asanas by heart, estab­lish­ing a strong phys­i­cal plat­form upon which to devel­op ‚ yoga tris­tana‘, the com­bi­na­tion of bandha/ gaze/ breath, to observe and refine aware­ness / atten­tion. In this approach, stu­dents prac­tice the sequence that the teacher has taught them, while the teacher moves around the class, giv­ing indi­vid­u­al­ized guid­ance to each stu­dent as need­ed.

Kirsten and Mitchell are direct, long-term stu­dents of Sri K. Pat­tab­hi Jois. They stud­ied at the KP Jois Ash­tan­ga Yoga Insti­tute every year for many years and have Pat­tab­hi Jois‘ bless­ings and Autho­riza­tion to teach ash­tan­ga (Kirsten in 1999 ; Mitchell in 2003). They com­plet­ed the first ‘teacher train­ing’ giv­en by the Insti­tute and have Lev­el 2 autho­riza­tion (Inter­me­di­ate). Kirsten was also for­tu­nate to be one of few ash­tangis in the world to study Advanced (A) and pranaya­ma direct­ly with Sri K Pat­tab­hi Jois, with per­mis­sion to teach this also.

Lev­el expect­ed from stu­dents: Stu­dents with an estab­lished Mysore-style prac­tice are wel­come to attend morn­ing class. Stu­dents who are new to self-prac­tice should con­tact us.

tim­ings: 18.5. – 22.5.: 07.00 – 09.30

venue: Feel­go­od­stu­dio, Paulan­er­gasse 13, 1040 Vien­na, Aus­tria


ear­ly bird (& stu­dents of feel­go­od­stu­dio) // reg­u­lar

Mysore 100 € // 110 €

*ear­ly bird until April 30th

reg­is­tra­tion and pay­ment: please con­tact Kirsten & Mitchell via ashtangazone@gmail.com