Danny Paradise in Vienna 2017

a personal note:

I first met Danny in the old and sweaty changing room of a gym in a primary school. Danny taught an eager group of students and kept teasing „one more?“, the class went on forever, I was amazed. Back then Danny had been travelling the world and sharing the practices of yoga and his evergrowin insights into life for well more than 20 years. Since then I had the pleasure of meeting him around the globe regularly and I am truly happy to welcome him to Vienna this year, don`t miss!!!



This workshop is jointly organized with Yogazentrum Ganesha!

Schedule 13. – 15.10.2017:
Friday: 18.30 – 21.00

Saturday & Sunday, 13.30 – 17.30

Feldenkrais Institut Wien, Taborstraße 71/1a, 1020 Wien

165€ (early bird 150€ until June 30th)

Registration and Information:
info@ashtanga.at • 0664/4027358

Here are the payment details: Account Details

This workshop is an immersion into Yoga. Each of the sessions include discussions, pranayama and asana. EACH Asana class will also include derivative poses and modifications to show how to keep expanding the practices of Ashtanga Yoga to make them a Joyous, Sacred, Lifetime, Healing, Unlimited Exploration.

„Yoga arose out of man’s perception of nature and is a journey back to Nature.“

As an ancient Shamanic practice, Yoga is about creating personal empowerment, personal authority and total freedom with an understanding that Nature is our Teacher and Guide…
THE CLASSES ARE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE from beginning students to advanced practitioners, teacher trainees and teachers of ALL forms of YOGA.

Friday, 18.30 – 21.00

Discussion – Yoga and Shamanism: Journey of the Soul, Connections of Yoga to Sacred Indigenous Spiritual Traditions, Fulfilling Personal Destiny, Your Dream as your Masterpiece, Conscious Evolution

Practice – Introduction to Danny’s Approach: All the practices are Meditative, Ritualistic and Therapeutic exploration of Asanas, Taoist positions, Kung Fu and Tai Chi positions – Friday evening will be an expanded exploration of standing sequence and finishing poses, including derivative routines, variations, Egyptian elements, modifications.

Saturday, 13.30 – 17.30


Healing Perspectives of Yoga,Shamanism, and Indigenous Traditions Worldwide, Personal Authority, Personal Responsibility, Freedom, Developing a Lifetime Sacred, Healing, Meditative Practice

– Pranayama: Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama: an accessible introduction to the complete routine.

Asana: Expanded Standing sequence with derivative routines, modifications, variations,     Introduction to elements of Primary Series and  2nd series for all levels of practitioners of all forms of Yoga. 

Sunday, 13.30 – 17.30

DiscussionChakras: Balancing Life Force, Yoga Shamanism and Aging, Approaching Transition with Vitality and in Clarity and Peace 


Pranayama: Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama- An accessible introduction to the complete routine.

Asana: Expanded standing sequence including modifications, variations and derivative poses from Egyptian Yoga, Kung Fu and Tai Chi. 2nd series and beyond, derivative routines. A playful exploration of beginning, intermediate and advanced positions with modifications and variations making the practice accessible to all.



Danny Paradise has been practising Ashtanga Yoga since 1976 and teaching worldwide since 1979. He initially studied with the first Western teachers of Ashtanga, David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff. Danny learned the beginning and advanced sequences from them over five years and has studied with Sri Patabbhi Jois in 1978 and 1980. Danny has also studied and practiced with Yoga teachers and Spiritual guides in many other lineages and traditions as well as teachers of Kung fu, Tai Chi and Karate.

SINCE 1979 Danny has introduced all levels of the practices of Ashtanga Yoga to students and teachers in 40 countries. He has also introduced the Ashtanga practices to world renowned artists, musicians, dancers, Buddhist Lamas, actors, film directors and sports champions. He incorporates indigenous spiritual traditions into the practice and philosophy of Yoga, relating Yoga to all Shamanic nature-based cultures. 

Danny draws from the teachings of Krishnamurti, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Buddha, ancient Egypt as well as many Indigenous nature based cultures.
Danny passes on ancient traditions in a non-dogmatic, contemporary, compassionate, humorous way. His objective is to help guide people to evolutionary consciousness as well as to help people develop a Sacred, safe, meditative, healing, joyful, expanding, pain free, personal self-practice. 





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